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Being sustainable is no longer a choice, it is a responsibility!

Beauty has a price, and right now it is expensive for our environment. Beauty salons and beauty salons have a huge impact on the health of our planet. We need to be aware of this and do something about it now!

If you are ready to implement some green changes and choices in your beauty salon, we are here to help.

REMEMBER: small changes make a big difference! Reducing your carbon footprint means creating simple, sustainable habits that you and your staff can maintain. Start making greener choices today-your customers will appreciate it, you will set a good example, and the environment will benefit too!

The benefits of going green far outweigh the effort you put in. Not only will you contribute to a healthier environment, but you will save money and welcome new customers!

There are in fact more and more people (fortunately) who are paying more and more attention to their purchases, waste and environmental impact. Giving your center an eco-friendly touch will mean welcoming a new slice of customers who will take a liking to your approach. It’s also a good way to distinguish yourself from your competitors who, on the other hand, still haven’t realized that there’s no going back from here! All environmentally friendly habits lead to saving you money. Think about it. This means that over time operating costs will decrease! Even small things, such as turning off the lights in empty treatment booths, will help save money.

Look beyond what is comfortable, stand out!

Here are our 5 tips for being a more eco-friendly beautician:

  1. Reduce plastic:
    1. Choose brands that take a plastic-free approach, using plastic-free or recycled and recyclable plastic containers or materials. ( see our brands Microcosmo Cosmetica and Inika Organic)
    2. Replace the use of plastic disposables in some treatments with cotton accessories (less waste, more savings, less plastic)
    3. Say goodbye to single-serve or disposable packets: sachets that you use once and then throw away are plastic and contain a lot of preservatives (harmful to the environment and people), packets that you open and use a single time and then throw away create waste and unnecessary plastic. Examples? Single-dose products such as serums or masks or such as eyelash and brow laminations or pre-packaged wraps (you use them once and go). Choose consciously when purchasing products! Again, less waste, less plastic, more savings!
  2. Reduce disposable material:
    1. When you can, avoid using single-use products that create greater waste loads and especially much more plastic. Most disposable material is composed of plastics and microplastics that end up in the environment and pollute.
    2. Replace some accessories with cotton ones; let’s give examples: instead of using disposable headband you can use cotton ones, which you wash and reuse. Instead of using cartene when you make your mud baths use mud cloth, reduce waste, reduce plastic and make your treatment more functional. Instead of using cotton pads (disposable which contains microplastics) use pure cotton re-washable pads or mitts. I mean, if you want you can!
  3. Beware of inci:
    1. In cosmetics we very often find a number of ingredients or preservatives that are not only enormously harmful to our bodies but also to the environment: Silicones. Parabens and artificial preservatives. Petrolatum and PEG. Alcohol. SLS and SLES foaming sulfates. Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA. Synthetic dyes.

Kerosene … does anyone still use kerosene?

These are mostly products derived from petroleum or chemical preparations that in addition to making the skin asphyxiated, creating allergies or giving irritation are a real environmental damage for their deterioration is long and difficult.

So if you have to choose products first of all check what it consists of, both for your booth but especially for what you resell to your customers.

  1. Reduce waste:
    1. It goes without saying that if you reduce single-use, if you improve your purchases by choosing not disposable or single-serving products, and if you choose your purchases better, the waste reduction will be automatic. It will mean less work, less clutter, more hygienic safety, but most importantly you will have done good for the environment.
  2. Make better use of your lights and outlets:
    1. Do not leave lights on in cabins if they are empty, you will save money and energy used for nothing
    2. Don’t leave powered devices on when unused: turn off your technologies or even just the wax warmer if you know you shouldn’t use it
    3. Use timers to help you turn off your devices in case you forget to turn them off
    4. Favor LED lights, reducing by 75% the energy used by classic lights

Are you ready to differentiate yourself and prove that you are an environmentally sustainable esthetician?

If yes, talk about it with your colleagues, on social media and to anyone … help raise awareness for each of us as well, after all … there is no such thing as Planet B!