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Properly protecting the skin from the sun’s UV rays is a year-round priority, not just during the summer months. Because the sun’s rays are so powerful, they can penetrate the skin even on the cloudiest of days.

Frequent use of sunscreen provides the skin with a protective layer, which is necessary for daily use to provide defense against environmental factors.

For many people, however, the use of sunscreen is limited to sun exposure, that is, when they feel the heat and systematically feel the need to protect themselves; however, it is important to protect the skin so as not to suffer UV damage from the sun! Although the sun emits extreme UV rays during the summer months, free radical damage to the skin during other seasons can be just as damaging to our skin if we do not use protection. In summer or winter, it is important to ensure that your skin care routine provides continuous protection from the sun.

So let’s find out how to protect your skin year-round with the best products from INIKA Organic and Microcosm, made to leave your skin glowing without sacrificing skin health or your bank account!

Protect your skin from the sun
Protect your skin from the sun

The harmful effects that sun damage can have on our skin health
Increased sun exposure without adequate skin protection can lead to a host of health problems, including skin damage, premature aging, pigmentation, and more serious consequences! The outer layers of our skin are filled with melanin, which acts to protect the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays; however, these can burn the skin, resulting in reduced skin elasticity and early signs of aging.

Each individual has unique skin, so they have different levels of natural protection from the sun. Although regardless of skin type, it is essential to take measures to further protect the skin from sunburn.

How do the products we recommend help protect your skin?
Sun protection starts with skin care. Through the use of skin care products that include SPF protection, you can experience the ongoing benefits of healthy, glowing skin every day! Our skin eventually works to protect us from harmful ultraviolet rays, creating the need for skin care products that work to protect us from harmful UV rays. This will not only protect us from immediate effects such as sunburn, but will also prevent early signs of aging and reduce the risk of more serious consequences for the skin.

Here then is our magic combination to recommend every day:

inika spf
Inika Foundation SPF 25

INIKA Organic Loose Mineral Foundation gives you flawless, scalable coverage for daily use while ensuring chemical-free SPF protection. Formulated with pure minerals derived from the earth, this product works to naturally even out skin tone, masking conditions such as acne, scarring, rosacea; excellent pigmentation. Whether you choose to wear the powder alone or set your daily makeup, this product does it all, including protection with factor 25!

Face and Decollete Cream
Face and Decollete Cream SPF 25

Microcosmo’s Face and Neck Cream with SPF25 gives you daily protection against the effects of the sun’s radiation, for medium to high but not full coverage. This cream is also particularly nourishing so it has a marked protective action against weathering as well. Using it daily, year-round prevents all skin problems that differently might incur.

A great tip: Use SPF 25 face cream as a makeup base and then apply SPF 25 powder foundation for even and complete coverage from the sun.

In your beauty salon, at the end of a facial treatment you should always use the combination of these two products to leave the client with the right protection from the weather and the sun as well as leaving a wonderful finish effect on the skin.

Also remember to recommend year-round sunscreens for the body as well, for even less “strong” sun exposure!