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What is a 3-in-1 pressotherapy?

It is the evolution of the classic aesthetic pressotherapy device. Instead of being reduced to draining massage alone, this technology also combines thermotherapy and electrostimulation.

Pressotherapy: improves the performance of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, in those who undergo it, combats cellulite blemishes, reduces water retention from lymphedema, stimulates the elimination of toxic substances from the body, promotes the slimming of certain parts of the body.

Thermotherapy: using heat, it works on lipolysis by reducing adipose fat, promoting venous circulation and detoxification of the body. Heat also promotes muscle relaxation by providing relief in cases of contractures; in addition, heat increases vasodilation and, as a result, increases blood and oxygen supply to inflamed tissues.

Electrostimulation: on an aesthetic level, it is very useful within a body reshaping process to go and tone the treated areas to restore skin and muscle tone.

Now that we have clarified what a 3-in-1 pressotherapy is, let’s find out why a beauty salon should have it in their booth, in 8 points!

THREE TECHNOLOGIES IN ONE. Pressotherapy, thermotherapy and electrostimulation
  1. Presso3in1 is one more OPERATOR!

This device does not require the constant presence of an operator in the booth, so once the client is seated, she can be left to relax and enjoy the treatment; it brings the advantage of “working” an extra booth thus increasing earnings!

  1. Pressotherapy is very KNOWN.

Few people know about 3in1 technology, but plenty of people know about classic pressotherapy. They have already experienced its benefits so it is very easy to propose this treatment and attract their clientele or new clients to this treatment!

  1. Get great RESULTS

Light legs, decreased fluid stagnation, decreased cellulite, improved skin tone, etc etc …. in just a few sessions the results can be seen with the naked eye! Obviously, it is important to have cooperation from the client in her lifestyle (drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, exercise) and in the consistency of the sessions (two per week with a minimum of 6-8 sessions)

To achieve even more results? Combine this treatment with cosmetics: Epsom Salt Bandages (doubles the effect of pressotherapy), Slimming Mud to increase lipolysis (increases the effect of thermotherapy)

  1. It is an ECONOMIC service

Being a low-cost service, it attracts clientele for all budgets! Create pathways for your clients that include simple pressure therapy or combine it with cosmetics or other features to create a list full of offerings that can win over both those who can’t afford expensive services but also for those who want to invest a little more in their bodies!

  1. You can COMBINE Presso 3in1 with other services and GAIN more!

Clients often have little time but need to perform multiple services, so with this equipment this becomes possible. While the client enjoys her treatment you can perform other treatments, such as: facials, eyelash and eyebrow lamination, manicures, breast and arm treatments, and pedicures. You will have used only one diary space but will have performed more treatments, thus lowering your costs and increasing your income as a result!

  1. It’s a service you can offer ALL YEAR ROUND!

If simple pressure therapy is a treatment that clients request only in the summer because they feel swollen legs in the heat, if the use of bandages you only reduce it to the summer because the feeling of cold is not pleasant in the winter, with Presso3in1 you eliminate this problem! Thermotherapy allows you to warm up so leave the client in a warm, cozy, and relaxing environment, as well as make her body work year-round on maintenance, thus avoiding the spring/summer costume test rushes!

  1. It is a UNISEX service

Even men can do pressure therapy … some will be shocked but even men have a lymphatic system! The benefits are the same, even more so if we are treating a sportsman.

Many beauticians decide not to treat men because they do not feel comfortable alone in the booth: with this equipment we remove this taboo, because the one who remains alone in the booth with the man is the pressotherapy!

  1. GAINS!

Once the cost of the device is amortized, it becomes all profit! It has no related costs, you can make the most of the time, you can create combinations with products, you can combine multiple treatments, you can use it all year round!

This device is really very useful inside a beauty salon and nowadays you can’t do without it! Whether your institute is focused on treating the body but even more so if you do not treat the body, it is a valuable aid to increase one’s work and earnings!

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