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Pressotherapy, Thermotherapy, Electrostimulation… three technologies in one machine, easy to use, beautiful to look at, and space-saving!


PRESSOTHERAPY 3IN1, an easy-to-use, modern and elegant machine, the most popular 365 days a year!

Its characteristics:

PRESSOTHERAPY (Draining and detoxifying the body)
-Adjustment of treatment duration
-Adjustment Inflation time of each section from 1″ to 15 ”
-3 Pressure levels for treatment: minimum, medium, maximum
-10 Independently regulated air outlets. There is an option to cancel the inflation of one or more sections of the “dress” and work only with the desired sections.
-4 Preset work modes
-Dress:2 boots, 2 leggings, 2 sleeves and abdominal band
-Cover and pressure tubes

THERMOTHERAPY (Lipolysis, decontracting)
-5 Working sections: boot + legging (right), boot + legging (left), right sleeve, left sleeve, abdominal band
-Adjustment of treatment duration
-Temperature setting: 35°C to 65°C in 3°C intervals
-There is the possibility of canceling the operation of one or more sections

ELECTROSTIMULATION (Firming, muscle recovery)
-Adjustment of treatment duration
-5 work zones
-Adjustment of pulse intensity for each section: from 1 to 15
-4 Preset working modes
-10 Round electrodes:6 large/4 small
-10 Elastic bands of different sizes
– There is a possibility to cancel the operation of one or more sections

Length 44 cm. / Width 31 cm. / Height 15 cm.
Weight 28 kg.
Power 350W
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 200-240V

Touchscreen display and parameter control