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Germocid Paracetic Disinfectant Powder

Germocid Paracetic Disinfectant Powder

Cold sterilizer for instrumentation



GERMOCID POWDER – 500 g jar – Sold only in pairs of 2 jars.

Cold sterilizer: paracetic acid formed by the reaction of sodium percarbonate and tetraacetylethylenediamine (which is obtained after dissolution of the product in water) exerts effective biocidal activity against spores, viruses ( HIV, HBV, HCV), bacteria, microbacteria and fungi. At the indicated concentrations (0.3%) it exerts sterilizing action after a 10-minute contact time. The product is active 15 minutes after dissolution; the solution thus prepared is active for up to 24 hours. Suitable for rapid cold sterilization and/or disinfection of endoscopes, fiber optics, surgical and dental instruments,
transducers, etc. It can also be used with automatic endoscope washers.

No environmental impact: the residue in contact with wastewater immediately degrades to acetic acid, water and oxygen. Chemical composition: Peracetic acid precursors and co-formulants. Italian production. Sold only in pairs of 2 cans.