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Do you recommend pre-holiday treatments to prepare your skin for the sun but forget to schedule your client’s post-holiday appointment? Bad! You are missing a big opportunity!

Well yes, the after-holiday is a fantastic opportunity to really pamper your client. Amaze her with something that no one has really proposed.

Here are our 5 tips:

  • Pro-Tanning Scrub Treatment: by removing dead surface cells, the skin will look brighter and smoother and the tan will be enhanced!

We recommend the Microcosm Draining Treatment made with the fabulous epsom salts: It is strongly detoxifying, purifying and draining. Regenerates thick, dull skin.

Draining peeling, detoxifying, epsom salts, purifying, body treatment, wellness, body
  • Microcosm Regenerating Facial Treatment, the valuable ally to restore vigor to facial skin kissed far too much by the sun! Its active ingredients stimulate the regeneration of dead cells, has a marked skin brightening action. Also good as a treatment for more mature skin.

… What if you find some spots left by the sun? Here’s your ally: CLEARING DROPS. Microcosm’s compound has ingredients inside that go to work precisely on discolorations, blemishes and scars. Try it out!

Regenerating facial treatment, damaged skin, dull dull. Tissue regeneration and healing
  • Stimulate your tan with Inika NATURAL TANNING MIST: This spray is not the classic self-tanner but rather a moisturizing product that goes to stimulate the skin’s natural melanin. After very few applications, the skin will begin to tan, taking on the normal skin tone. It’s great before the vacations as a prepper, but it’s also great after the vacations to keep your tan at its best. Discover the beautiful kit that also contains knobs to better apply the product.

Tip: Offer your client her kit, conclude your treatment at the cabin with natural tanning mist, and then leave the treatment kit at home. He will be thrilled!

inika tanning kit
Inika Natural Tanning Kit
  • Hydration is everything! Remind your client that if she wants young, smooth skin, she should never forget the MOISTURIZING CREAM, especially after the vacations!

But moisturizing is not only dependent on the cream: cleansing is the key step! Using a good cleanser, without film-forming products, parabens or anything else, will allow your skin to be more beautiful! Our advice? RecommendCALENDULA BATH OIL, your clients will never use anything else ever again! It leaves the skin moisturized, soft and delicately scented. Natural and effective cleansing!

  • A good cold brew to use again until October! It’s called SWEET TANNY and it’s our infusion to stimulate a tan and why not, even maintain it! Sweet fruit flavor, with natural anthocyanins, will help your client feel like she is still in summer and on vacation!

A cold brew that stimulates tanning can also be a boost for those who drink little during the day; remember the hydration we mentioned earlier? Drinking helps the skin not to become dry and parched!

Cold infused, it gives instant coolness on hot days. Stimulates tanning and reduces skin aging

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